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Housey Designs artists are the best artists at Mizzou. We have app where you you get to see all of the orders Housey Deigns gets, how much you will get paid to do it, order details, when it is due and when you decide to take on a project you will have the ability to update the status of your project. 

Order process:

1. Choose your project to paint 

2. Emily will bring you the supplies you need

3. Paint and contact the customer 

4. Paint 

5. Emily will pick it up and wire your payment for that project 

Artists who are really dedicated will receive a stamp with their name on it to go on their art work. 

We want you to love Housey Designs and to be proud of it. At the beginning of your journey we will discuss your goals and give you our platform to grow your passions. Whether it be advertising, graphic design, fashion, finance, management or just want to paint more we want to help you.

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