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Housey Designs is a multi-faced design agency run by Mizzou College Women. We provide real world experience for students in their field of interest and allow them to have control over the content on their resume. These women the best Mizzou has to offer in terms of professionalism and work-ethic because they always go the extra mile.

Emily Housey has been painting since she could remember and it was always what she loved to do most. Housey grew up in White Lake and attended Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Pontiac, Michigan. Three days before the start of her Junior year, her family moved to Naperville and everything changed. 

As the new girl in a new school, drama found her quickly. Housey sat alone in the art room every and ate lunch by herself. In February, she was invited to Alexa's birthday party. Housey knew that everyone was bringing $100 Lulu Lemon leggings and name brand clothing. This was more than a party to her, this was making friends and fitting in. Instead of a $100 gift, Housey bought a $5 paper-mache letter "A" and painted a giraffe on it because she knew Alexa loved giraffes. 

Alexa loved it because what Housey gave her said:

I know you

I pay attention to you

You matter to me

Everyone saw these letters and immediately started requesting them for their birthdays, father's day and graduation. To this day, Alexa is one of Housey's best friends. 

Housey Designs was founded to change It is not the thought that counts,

but it is the thought that matters.



T H E  P E N T  H O U S E

The "Pent House" is what we call our executive team. These women are in charge of overall operations and marketing

     Emily is a Junior at the University of Missouri studying journalism strategic communication with an art direction. She started Housey Designs in 2017 as a senior in high school with the goal of creating a boutique design agency in Chicago. Housey Designs is structured with the values of creativity, high-quality work, and personable execution. Every design is created by hand specifically for each customer giving them a professional piece of art creating their vision. Emily has been involved in the arts her whole life. Her biggest influences have been her parents, Ian Haldimann, Sandra Lewallen and Dick Locher.



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Lauren Curcio 


Emily Housey 


Jennah Yarbrough 


T H E  D E S I G N  H O U S E

Isabella Brouster 


Maggie Youngs 


Madison is a junior at the University of Missouri studying Graphic Design and information technology. She will be graduating with a BFA degree in May 2021. She hopes to pursue a career in user interface design after finishing school. Madison has always had a passion for design and the arts. 

Madison began working with Housey Designs in October 2018. She also paints custom canvases and helps Emily with various projects. Madison has been inspired by the work ethic and dedication that Emily puts towards making Housey Designs so successful. Working alongside  Emily has inspired her to think more creatively and she looks forward to growing as an artist and expanding the business.

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Madison Read 

Lead Artist

I’m Kyli! I like painting, photography, and fashion! I’ve always had an interest in art for as long as I can remember. My grandma taught me everything I know and is always giving me new ideas to try! I had never planned to join anything in college but someone posted something on my facebook group chat about Housey Designs and I immediately knew that I had to be apart of it! It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Kylie Baysinger


Maddie Flick 


T H E  T R A P H O U S E

Molly Freudenberg

Director of Social Media

Sophie Walding 

Social Media Design

Delaney Barnicle

VP of Branding and Graphic Design