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Our Brand

Housey Designs is the professional, personable, and prestigious creative agency focused on the elevation of brand identity. We provide personalized design services to enhance your customer's experience, deepen the brand relationship, and create an emotional connection.

The Housey Designs team specializes in product design, packaging, branding, and social media management. We understand the functions of our deliverables and give every aspect of design a purpose to produce quantitative results. Founded in 2017, our senior designers, Emily Housey CEO and Delaney Barnicle President of Design and Branding work towards one goal, to create beyond your vision.

website drafts part 2Artboard 8@3x.png
website drafts part 2Artboard 8@3x.png


Everything we create has a purpose. We construct our designs specifically to benefit your brand as a whole and to fulfill your goals.


We see design as a language that all can understand, few can speak, and we master. Design is complex and can communicate more than words, provoke emotions, and create a deep connection between brand and consumer.

Housey Designs translates your values and foundation of who you and your company are to an emotional level. We do this based on the research that 60% - 90% of decisions are made based on emotion. 

Our clients are our inspiration. Influential branding and design cannot be created through formal business communication and operation. That is why we focus on building a personable relationship with each of our clients to fully understand their passion and purpose to be our source of inspiration and creativity.

“There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser. We design results. Understanding the purpose of our deliverables and giving every aspect of design a purpose that can be translated into quantitative data.

is our definition of design?

it matters.

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ceo & founder

Since founding Housey Designs in 2017, Emily grew the business while being a full-time college student at the University of Missouri.

She graduated with a degree in Journalism Strategic Communication with an Art Direction. Housey Designs evolved from creating customized paintings and shotskis into a design agency after Emily found her passion for brand strategy and design.


Take initiative
Over Communicate 
Learn as much as possible
Act like a boss, talk like a friend
Do everything with a purpose
Go the extra mile
Be assertive
Validate all ideas


We take the foundation of who you are in order to emotionally communicate with your audience through design and positioning.

Business Development

We formulate opportunities for you to grow your business or create a new one from scratch.

Packaging Design

We design the thrilling unboxing experience thrills and embodies the importance of your products and your brand.

Social Media Management

We elevate your social media to create an aesthetic while optimizing strategy.

Event Planning

We plan and execute memorable events down to the last detail.

Graphic Design

We design with purpose, which is to make sure our designs translate into sales.

Business Strategy

We analyze your business and create creative and innovative approaches that resonate with your target audience.


We create, design and execute unique advertising campaigns from traditional print to social media.



We don't make slides look pretty. We make you money. Housey Designs does an in-depth analysis for you to best present with a purpose.

Business Consulting

Work with us on how best to position your brand, market your unique values, define and target your audience.

What is it like working at Housey Designs?

"Housey Designs is one of the best things I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Not only have I been able to grow my portfolio tremendously before graduating college, but I have also been able to work alongside some of the most passionate, driven and talented people I have ever met. Seeing this company grow into something so impactful and Emily Housey’s love and support for each member of our team is something I will never take for granted; I am confident it will only continue to grow from here!“

"Housey designs to me means being able to be creative and analytical with amazing females that have the same mindset as me. It has built me a little home away from home and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.”

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