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Rebranding case study for Mionetto Prosecco. The market for affordable prosecco is very competitive especially since Mionetto's direct competitors are LaMarca and Chloe, two very well branded and packaged bottles that appeal directly to their target audience with relevant pop culture references. Mionetto has no visible or marketing point of differentiation to compete with these brands. 
At Housey Designs we define Point of Differentiation as, "unique, something that makes a brand different not better." We took a deep dive into Mionetto's roots to draw some interesting history and use it to elevate their branding.

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Emphasizing the difference between champagne and prosecco which is based on the region it is made. In the United States this is a common misconception and every sparkling wine is commonly referred to as champagne.

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Out of Home

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Minimalist design appealing for "instagramable" photos and a brand identity that resembles CHANEL. This creates a subconscious association making Chloe a status symbol in the mind of consumers. The brand is very feminine making it a standout bottle for young women looking to celebrate. These young women are going to take photos and post them on their Instagram / Snapchat stories because the look of the bottle elevates the way the world sees them.

LaMarca and Chloe have a similar approach with packaging. LaMarca pays royalties to Tiffany Co to use their patented brand color. Much like Chloe, young women who want to present themselves as high status and associate luxury brands with their personality will choose this bottle over Mionetto simply for the packaging. The audience for these brands is not incredibly knowledgable on prosecco so quality and history do not factor into the purchasing decision.

In a retail setting, Mionetto's brand colors and typography resemble Vueve Clicout and can be mistaken at first glance. Mionetto needs a strong brand position, point of differentiation, and an element that resonates with pop culture in order to compete with Chloe and LaMarca.


Is a reason to buy

My approach is different than a pretty bottle that makes young women feel luxurious and important. I wanted to connect to the Mionetto roots and the vineyards outside of Venice. 

Sparkling wine is a staple of celebration. To young professionals, Mionetto has the potential to be the bottle to celebrate success, professional advancement, and the bottle for the go-getters.

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