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A worldwide team of photographers know how to make you look your very best. We provide an unparalleled client experience by streamlining the booking process and delivering an exceptional product with a cohesive brand identity.
Whether your located in a single office or spread out across the globe, let us coordinate a photoshoot that highlights your organizations talent.

Co-founders Peter Hurley, Tony Taafe, and Danh Nguyen came to Housey Designs for an 8 slide credentials deck that would speak to one specific client, Chubb insurance. Chubb has the potential to change the trajectory of Headshot Booker and would be a game changing opportunity for them. I did extensive research to make sure that Chubb understood that Headshot Booker goes above and beyond by incorporating company mantras into the deck. For example,I found on the Chubb website that they value humanizing their employees. Including adding a bit of personal information in the biography descriptions and photos showingtheir hobbies. To really capture that Headshot booker understands the importance of this, I did the same thing for Peter and Tony at the end of the presentation. Which humanizes them guys by talking about your “craft” outside of photography to bring out the person-ability element like Chubb does here. 

They also repeatedly use the term “craftsmen” or “craftspeople”. When describing their culture which I wanted to use that to draw a parallel between Headshot Booker and Chubb. Hence the copy, "Craftsmen of Insurance meet the craftsmen of cameras.” 

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