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Create brand identity for an eye care group that will own and operate eye care clinics across the US.

“Health-care branding is dull”
“PDP is caring. adds value of marketing, changes the way clinics talk internally to incorporate love into the work place.”
“PDP is inclusive, not cost cutting, only adds value”
“Love, kindness, compassionate, comfortable”
“Spa feeling, calm”

Toucan Concept

PDP Side by Side.005.jpeg

Toucan to incorporate warm colors to illustrate the warmth of the brand and PDP’s purpose.

Birds are known for their incredible eye sight. “Birds-eye view”, “Eagle eye”, “Hawk eye”. Although we did not use an eagle or a hawk, the message can still be incorporated. Also the idea of “love birds”  can indirectly be incorporated into the brand messaging.

The toucan is shaped into the letter “P” so it represents the brand name when it stands alone.

PDP Side by Side.007.jpeg

Comparision to Competition

PDP Side by Side.002.jpeg

Mood Board

Mock Ups

PDP Side by Side.017.jpeg
PDP Side by Side.018.jpeg

Owl Concept

PDP Side by Side.008.jpeg

Owls are notorious for their great eye sight.

Birds are known for their incredible eye sight. “Birds-eye view”, “Eagle eye”, “Hawk eye”. Although we did not use an eagle or a hawk, the message can still be incorporated.

Heart shaped wings to incorporate PDP values

PDP Side by Side.010.jpeg
PDP Side by Side.013.jpeg

Comparision to Competition

PDP Side by Side.003.jpeg

Mock Up

PDP Side by Side.019.jpeg

Logic and Drafts


The most dramatic design POD is the coloring. The color palette we have selected creates a warm, comfortable and trusting feel. This is the biggest visual differentiator at first impression. This also aligns with PDPs values of kindness, love and partnership. 

Traditionally and most consistently used is an eye variation for imagery with optometry clinics. Using an eye icon is good for identifying what the business is. However, using icons in logo design is an opportunity to show what makes you different than your competitors. Logos should be simple, memorable, and timeless. 

The most recognizable companies do not have a logo representing their product / service:
Starbucks, apple, nike, McDonalds, amazon, +
This depends on what you want the purpose of your branding identity to be.
Ex. Is the purpose of your branding to stand out? To portray your values of love, kindness and collaborative work environment? 

An observational note on medical / health industry branding*
A person refers to their dentist / orthodontist / doctor by what stands out to them. Rarely, if ever, do people refer to their doctors office by the name of their practice. It is either by the doctors name, or the general use of “the doctor / the dentist”. Instead of calling our family orthodontist, “Naper Ortho Sleep Center” my family and friends that go to this center refer to the orthodontist by name, Dr. Planner. Similarly to the eye care branding, all dentists have a tooth in their branding and more often than not its blue. We want to change this pattern for PDP. Creating a distinguishable brand identity that portrays value PDP adds to optometry clinics, not the product / services PDP provides. 

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